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Simultaneous translation

Unfortunately today the profession of the translator or interpreter is not so popular as we want it to be. You may say “Well, and what about the fact that for example the contest to the linguistic high school is about 17 persons per position, and that the linguistic departments of the translators and interpreters appear as the mushrooms after the rain are being opened in many different institutions! And now children are learning English starting not from the fifth or second form, but starting from the first one! And moreover, think about high salaries of the translators!”. Well, we will not deny all these factors, but no one know how difficult and important from the psychological point of view the profession of interpreter is. When we speak about the translation of literature, here the translator plays almost the same role as the writer (different language systems and as a result – different stylistic, lexical and phraseological frames, pragmatics). Translator of lyrics – is the same as the poet, because he/she has always to think about rhythm and melodics of the work.

But what about interpreting and simultaneous interpreting? The scientists proved that during the work the simultaneous interpreter suffers from the same stress as test pilot. This profession is even considered to be mental and physical anomaly. The usual person cannot at the same time make two things: perceive the information and interpret at the same time. But nevertheless, all the difficulties and dangers, about which you can hear from the experienced simultaneous interpreters or usual interpreters, do not scare the young specialists that are dreaming about an opportunity to try themselves in this profession. They are not scared by the fact that to be a successful simultaneous interpreter they need to train a lot. The simultaneous translation requires the maximum mental tension and that is why not everybody can work as a simultaneous interpreter. But to have the image of a respected simultaneous interpreter is very honorable, but difficult.

Before you start a professional activity we hope that the information below will help you to work without mistakes in such a way that everybody is pleased with your work:

In my opinion the main rule in interpereting and especially in simultaneous interpreting is “HIDE YOUR NERVES”. Otherwise you will have a trembling voice, will not be able to pronounce a speech in time, your brain will not work etc. But everything is not so awful, as it may seems to be. Remember, that the very idea of simultaneous interpreting is possible just because in modern speech just 50% of the words carry the new information. Moreover, take into consideration, that a certain percentage of the pronounced information is not perceived by the audience. So, dear colleagues, good luck in this difficult but noble work.

Conference Interpreting

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Interpreter for conferences, presentations and business negotiations. Professional level of our interpreters – guarantee of the successful event.

Simultaneous translation

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Simultaneous interpreting at international conferences and other events of the highest level.

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Interpreters for the court hearings, investigations, examinations, confrontations and other events.

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If you need interpreter to sign documents at the notary – we are ready to help you./p>

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Native speaker personal assistant services for foreigners in Kyiv and all over Ukraine for different events.