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Certified interpreter at the notary

If you need an interpreter to sign documents at the notary – we are ready to help you. Our specialists will come to you to the specified address and time.

The signature of the translator at the notary is needed when a foreigner needs to sign any documents. It can be a power of attorney or documents of a company. In such a case the notary apart from the signature of the founder certifies the signature of the translator / interpreter. At the same time the translator / interpreter certifies that he/she has translated everything correctly for the foreigner, who is signing the documents.

When the interpreter/translator comes to notary you should pay minimum for 3 hours. Why does it happen like so? Even if a translator / interpreter comes for 10-30 min, to put signature at the registrar, you should also consider that he/she will spend some time in trip and he/she as a certified specialist is not interested in a trip over the whole city to be paid only for 20 minutes. That is why we ask our customers to treat with understanding the fact that it is necessary to pay minimum for 3 hours. Actually in European countries it is supposed that you pay for the translator starting from the moment he closes the door of his/her house to come to your place. Probably there will be times when on our market the same principle will be used.

Our managers always very carefully choose the translator/interpreter and  you can always be sure that he/she has:

  1. state diploma where it is clearly stated that he/she is a translator / interpreter of this or that language. It shall be noted that such notes as "philologist", “teacher”, “linguist” are not suitable for notarial certification of the documents. In some cases the term “teacher” may fit, but it is more an exception than a rule;
  2. passport, certifying the personality of the translator / interpreter;
  3. identification code of the translator
  4. in case the surname of the interpreter / translator was changed he / she should provide the documents certifying it (marriage certificate, certificate on name/surname change)

Our managers are always glad to answer all your questions and find a translator / interpreter according to your needs.

Conference Interpreting

Delivery time: from 1 day

Interpreter for conferences, presentations and business negotiations. Professional level of our interpreters – guarantee of the successful event.

Simultaneous translation

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Simultaneous interpreting at international conferences and other events of the highest level.

Court Interpreting

Delivery time: day-to-day

Interpreters for the court hearings, investigations, examinations, confrontations and other events.

Interpreter at Notary

Delivery time: from 1 day

If you need interpreter to sign documents at the notary – we are ready to help you./p>

Native Speaker PA

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Native speaker personal assistant services for foreigners in Kyiv and all over Ukraine for different events.