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Cetification by the seal of translation agency

In some cases it is enough to certify the translation with the seal of the translation bureau and there is no need in translation certified by the notary. When the documents are sealed with the seal of translation agency the translation itself is sewed to the copy of the document or to the original and on the back of the translation the seal is attached. There is also a stamp identifying from which language and into what language the document was translated. We can certify any document with the seal certifying the truth and accuracy of translation, even if you do not have the original. In some cases it is even possible to attach document to the fax copy.

We certify translations done only by our translators with the translation bureau seal. If you have the translation of the document and you need to certify it with our seal, our specialists will check it and if necessary the corrections will be made and only after that we will certify the translation with our seal. The documents sealed with the seal of our translation agency are often used when you give the documents to get visa, or to the branches of local authorities and to the dean’s office. In other words the translations certified by the agency are used in cases when there is no need in notarial certification, but you need to certify the truth and accuracy of translation. Our seal on the translated document means that you get the certified translation.

If you need we can scan the certified documents and send them to the identified e-mail address. Please bear in mind that the client decides himself if he needs the documents to be certified by the notary or by our seal. Our manager can only recommend this or that type of certification. Sometimes in addition to certification with our seal it is necessary to print the documents on the form of our company. We always recommend to find out what type of certification you need at the organisation for which you prepare the documents.

Apostille and Legalisation

Delivery time: from 1 day

In our translation bureau you can have your documents apostillied or legalised, the documents should be issued in Ukraine.

Notary Certification

Delivery time: from 1 day

Translation certified by notary – translation with further certification by the notary, this type of translation is needed to give the documents to official institutions.

Certification with Translation Bureau Seal

Delivery time: day-to-day

It is possible to certify the translation with the seal of translation bureau if it was made by our translator or checked by our editor.

Documents Delivery

Delivery time: from 1 hour

We can deliver the document to any place you specify./p>